PROVENCE Day 2: Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, Gordes e Roussillon

Hello, Everyone! Today I would like to tell you more about our second day in Provence.

In the morning our first stop was Fontaine-de-Vaucluse. I can sum up that travel with a single word: AMAZING!

Normally, before the departure, I collect information about the places where we are going to go, and I did the same for this journey; therefore I read that Francesco Petrarca, important italian poet and  the founder of the Humanism, stayed here for inspiration, writing his famous poetry

Chiare, fresche et dolci acque.

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I can imagine why Petrarca found his ispiration here! Look at the emerald water of the river, or the unspoiled nature. This view provokes strong emotions and feelings!


There is a cavity full of turquoise water within walking distance of the city. In this period of the year the level of water is low, but you can still admire the beauty of this place.


For lunch,We had a big and tasty French loaf, then we moved to Gordes.


Gordes is a small village placed on the top of a hill. You have to drive through windy streets. It reminded me a beautiful portrait.


We arrived  on the top and we wandered in the center of the village, walking around. I was impressed by  cute houses,  built with white rocks, and nice shops.

After a bit, I don’t know how, we arrive in this amazing overlook. Thanks to the sunny day and the blu sky, we could admire the Luberon Valley.


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