A walk in the center of Pavia

When i was young I lived in Salento (South Italy). A beautiful sea, great places, incredible peoples and culture. The Clima is very meditteranean there so it is very difficult to see snow during the year.

But now that I live in Lombardy every opportunity is good to be a child. So yes … I love snow, I love going around and photographing every whitewashed corner of the city.

Today I will virtually take you around Pavia, letting you discover all my favorite places.

We start from Piazza Leonardo da Vinci with the ancient towers of the XII century.

You know that Pavia was called “Centium Turrium”, a city of 100 towers because there were many, even more than 50 meters high. They were a symbol of the wealth and prestige of noble families.

First Step: University Central courtyards already present in 1500. Knowing that among these walls have taught Alessandro Volta, Ugo Foscolo and studied Carlo Goldoni, Cesare Beccaria along with many others, always makes me in a good mood.

Very suggestive are Borgo Ticino with its colorful houses and the Ponte Coperto seen from the Statue of Lavandaia.

This is not the original bridge but a faithful copy. In fact, it was rebuilt in 1949 after the old bridge was destroyed during the Second World War.


Vedere Piazza della Vittoria deserta è un po’ strano, i tavolini dei locali sono coperti di neve e io ne approfitto per scattare qualche foto al Broletto, antico edificio del XII sec.

Secondo la tradizione Lombarda il Broletto era edificio in cui si tenevano assemblee cittadine o si amministrava la giustizia. A Pavia da sede Vescovile, divenne la sede del Palazzo Comunale e addirittura sede del Partito Nazionale Fascista in epoca più recente.

Oggi per fortuna ospita mostre di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea.

See Piazza della Vittoria deserted is a bit ‘strange, the tables of the premises are covered with snow and I take this opportunity to take some pictures of the Broletto, an ancient building of the XII century.

According to the Lombard tradition, the Broletto was a building where city assemblies were held or justice was administered. In Pavia it became from the Bishop’s seat to the seat of the Palazzo Comunale and even to the seat of the National Fascist Party in more recent times.

Today, fortunately, it hosts exhibitions of Modern and Contemporary Art.


Last stop of my walk under the snow is the Castello Visconteo.

Built in 1360 it was surrounded by a huge hunting park that extended up to the Certosa Di Pavia.

Part of the park is still visible (Parco della Vernavola)

Do you love snow like me too?

What is the most beautiful place in your city that becomes magical when it’s all whitewashed?


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