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“I’m Chiara, a student of Engineering and Architecture! I was born in Salento (Puglia) but I live in Pavia. I love the architecture, art and travelling. I photograph everything that strikes me and conveys emotions in my travels .. randomly”



“Hello everyone I’m Fabrizio! I have a degree in computer engineering and I love technology and travelling! I like to meet new cultures and rediscover ones I already   know.”



“I’m Cinzia,I have a degree in psychology and I’m active in the field of intercultural education. Travelling is for me a great way to communicate, meet each other and looking the world with new eyes. Oh, I forgot: I love to eat and friendliness … I love cats!”



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“Hi guys, i’m Giorgia. I’m a molecular biotechnologist. I love  science and traveling.”


The blog was created to tell our stories, experiences, feelings, and we hope to serve you and give you some ideas for planning your trips.

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  • For all your requests: imadamebetterfly@gmail.com

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